7:13 AM

April 20, 2014 - Easter Sunday. It was a funny thing to know that I will be giving birth to our first born on the same occasion that me and hubby first met, Resurrection Sunday. It was an overwhelming feeling. I cannot explain what I felt during that day.

4:00 AM - Hubby and I woke up early to prepare for the dawn service in our church. 

5:00 AM - Before leaving the house, I took a picture of the things that we are going to bring at the hospital. 

Our bag and the baby's essentials.

Well, we are not going to bring this crib but, I just want to have a picture of it. This crib is a gift from our dear Lola Bennie.

9:00 AM - After the church service, we headed home and I prepared myself for the delivery of the baby. I took a relaxing bath to ease my anxiety, and then we headed to the hospital, my Mom came with us. 

10:00 AM - I checked in at the Quijano Clinic and Hospital. I filled up some paper works, they called my OB and the Anesthesiologist, they hooked an IV, started the antibiotics, shaved my tummy, and the long waiting game is on.  

At the emergency room with the ER Nurse.

11:00 AM - My OB arrived. They transported me to the Labor Room, hubby went with me, we prayed while waiting then he kissed me good luck, then the Nurse accompanied me to the Operating Room. 

11:10 AM - The Pediatrician and the Anesthesiologist arrived.

11:30 AM - OUR BABY IS HERE! (pictures next post)

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