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I had to sit down and reflect for a bit and ask myself if I am an Urban Jetsetter, a Modern Dapper, a Business Class, or a Sporty Hipster and I too was surprised because after carefully evaluating myself I turned out to be an Urban Jetsetter. I had to pinch myself a little bit though because I would not really consider myself a jetsetter - I had to meditate to come in to terms with it. What a realization! It took me 29  years. Hooray! 


Well, an urban jetsetter is someone who loves travelling and who loves going out of town. To take that a notch higher, an urban jetsetter is someone who loves travelling and who loves going out of town complete with Urbanize gears - bags, totes, carry-on set, heck, even a travel French press system! It is such a good time to be alive yeah? 

Before we got married, my husband and I loved driving around town and cities nearby. We love exploring and discovering new places, new joints, new restaurants, new spots to conquer. We love the concrete jungle just as much as we love our developing town. We don't have skyscrapers yet and so we revel in the moment when we get lost inside the concrete jungle - the urban jungle. 

We enjoy exploring even the mundane, like the colorful "perya" in the middle of the concrete jungle.  I feel like I'm going around places as the horses gallop round the carousel. 

We travelled to different cities and provinces in the Philippines and I have a ton of pictures to look back to. I always find it heartwarming when I talk about my travels to other people. I take pride knowing that #IAmUrbanBrave to have explored the unknown and dip my foot into the wonderful world of travel. 

When I was a bit younger, I told myself that I would explore my country, venture into the big big  world, collect stamps for my passport, book  a two-way-ticket, see the world and go back to the welcoming arms of my beloved country - the Philippines where I would then spend some more days daydreaming and reminiscing my travels. 

Urbanize products were indeed made for urban adventure. It is made for urban dwellers like my sister, weekend warriors like my husband, the multitasking expert and urban jetsetter just like myself. Each and every product made and manufactured have fashion, function and style infused in it. Urbanize is like the skyscraper turned into a sturdy bag, a bridge turned into a functional everyday necessity, and the busy disctricts and metropolis transformed into the combination of colors and aesthetics. 

I'm glad to have stumbled upon Urbanize because I am able to choose the best products/gear to bring with me as I indulge my wandering feet and insatiable love for travel. What is on top of my list is the famous brand PACSAFE. I love the anti-theft technology. Pacsafe can take my money anytime! I'd love it to be my forever travel buddy. 

This bag will be perfect when I need to carry my gadgets with me when I travel including my laptop. Bonus that it comes in red too! 

For a Girl Scout at heart, a multi-purpose tool like this is a heaven-sent! I love that it is so small yet has so many functions that would be handy when jetsetting in and out of the country. 

This bag would be great when I am going for a quick stroll in the concrete jungle. It'll be perfect for storing a good book, my camera, my laptop and my hmmmm selfie stick. Don't judge me. 

This water bottle is a must-have! I would recommend it to anyone. I would actually buy my daughter this too as it would be perfect for any ages. Hydrate using a Hydrapak for a better lifestyle!

These cabin cubes would be handy especially if you are an organizing-freak. Myself included...

With all these in tow, I could be sure that #IAmUrbanBrave and I am always ready to jetset not only the urban jungle but also the urban world out there! 

Safe travels urban jetsetters! 

Visit Urbanize Stores to see the different products that you can equip your self as you fuel your wanderlust. 

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