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Hello, everyone! Thank you for spending your precious time to visit my blog. While it is clear that I don't have much content yet, I am going to make a little promise that I intend to keep - I promise to update my blog as often as I can so I can grow my blog as I continue to find the balance of being a wife, a mother and a nurse. 

Today is the first day of this series that I am going to start. I've seen The Sunday Currently and Friday's 10 Happy Things and I want to start something and hopefully, you would join me. My goal is to share spontaneous things to you while eventually making this a link-up between bloggers especially working mothers like me. Of course, anybody is welcome to join.   I've never made something like this before so this will be a challenge that I hope I could fulfill. 

So essentially, this list will be a summary of what transpired during your week (Sunday to Friday), interesting articles you have read, noteworthy hacks or tricks of the trade you just found out and you want to share, random conversations with your toddler or husband and even your house help or coworkers for that matter, funny experiences, basically just about anything. You can share at least one up to 100 items or even more. Just be spontaneous! 

So, let me get the ball rolling: 

1. I finally overcame my fear and joined a blog contest. Check it out here and let me know what you think? Should I keep joining? 

2. It has been especially hard to wake Wooty up this past week. I guess we need to train her to sleep earlier. Or maybe she's just scared of a cold shower. We really need to get a heater methinks!

3. I joined The Misty Mom's Johnson's Bedtime Range Instagram giveaway last month and today she tagged me and that I am one of the winners. Wooot! This would be perfect to achieve my goal of improving Wooty's sleep routine. 

4. I am fixing my family's passport renewal requirements so we're ready when an opportunity to travel will come. We plan to renew at the DFA-General Santos City satellite office. I just need to determine the date and set up an appointment so the process could be seamless at least. 

5. I watched the inauguration coverage of the new POTUS and the formal introduction of the new FLOTUS and I think it was a well-organized event. I loved that Joe Biden went home to Delaware and took the train with his family. I didn't quite like the facial expressions of Michelle Obama though.  The POTUS sounded like he was still campaigning but nonetheless, I wish the citizens of the USA all the best. 

6. I read a meme going around which really made me laugh. I couldn't find it again so I'll attempt to write whatever I can remember. I may be butchering this so credits to the first person who came up with this funny fictional conversation: 

Joe Biden: "Barack, I will bring all the pens and I'm not leaving a single one when we leave the White House. "

Barack Obama: "Oh why so Joe?" 

Joe Biden: "Ahhh Trump, has his own Pence!"

7. My daughter imitates the Disney vlogger. She tries to copy the dialog, the mannerisms. Kids these days!

8. I'm still at a loss on how to convince my daughter to eat vegetables. She calls vegetables "flowers". LOL! Not even leaves or anything but flowers. I'll probably try feeding her blended vegetable soup. Good thing her weight is still within the acceptable range. 

9. I was present at work all day this week! Pat on the back for me. Yay!

10. I'm also so proud that I made bento boxes using the Yumbox Framboise Pink for my daughter's nibble box at school. I plan to make better food choices moving forward and reduce the sweets and crackers. Wish me luck! 

I guess I'm blabbering so much already so I'll put a stop at 10 for now. I'll see you again next week for the next edition of Spontaneous Saturday Blabber. If you want to join, please leave your link in the comment box below so I can visit your blog as well. 

Enjoy the weekend with your family! 

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