5:57 AM

I don't know where to begin today's blog post. Pretty much a heavy cloud is hanging on every shoulder in the family because of what happened to my sister and her baby earlier this week. It is sad to lose a family member especially a little being that we haven't really met yet. How can we be so attached to someone we just saw printed on the ultrasound paper? I know only families who lost someone to a miscarriage/stillbirth would understand what I am saying. 

Anyway, I hope and pray that my sister and her husband will be okay and for now I will let them grieve over their loss, our loss. I could not imagine what I would do if this would happen to me. I've seen my sister get up after every fall but by the looks of it, she's really torn and hurting and the only thing I can do now is to listen to her and to pray for her. I know healing would come eventually but she will never ever forget her precious little one. 

I will try to convince her to write about her story. I know writing is therapeutic for her and when she's ready to share I think she will. 

Poppy, you will always be remembered! Tita bought a Norfolk pine to memorialize your existence. You are and will always be a part of our family. We love you! We will see you in heaven one day. 

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